Concrete Garage Floor Slab – Tips To Get The Best

Concrete Garage Floor Slab

Are you thinking of repairing the concrete floor slab of your garage? Are the cracks and holes that keep appearing on your garage floor a constant headache to you? If so, you should consider opting for a brand new concrete garage floor slab instead of repeatedly repairing your old one. With good ground preparation, right concrete mix and high quality steel reinforcing mesh you can get a garage floor which would last for several decades.

There are certain important factors to be considered to ensure that the garage floor you are planning to construct will be of top-notch quality. Go through these tips that we have compiled, with useful insights from, if you are thinking of getting a new one for your garage.

Due diligence
It is always advisable to get the quotes from more than one contractor if you are planning to outsource the work. But, don’t always choose the lowest bidder. Instead, do some research and understand enough about this work to be able to ask the contractors the right questions. Choose the one who can answer your questions convincingly.

Garage floor level
Many contractors still stick to the old building codes that used to stipulate that you build the garage floor four inches below the ground floor level of your house. This was meant to prevent any spillage of gasoline or carbon monoxide in the garage from entering the house. But, now this building code is no longer applicable making it possible to have the entire house (garage included) built at the same level. A four inch step would cost more than a level slab. If your contractor insists on a different level for your garage, ask him to show the evidence that it is a legal necessity.

Prepare the ground well
Many a times, it is not the weight of the things kept or parked on top of the slab that causes it to crack. The soil that moves underneath the slab is the culprit in such cases. Make sure that the topsoil was removed to ensure good ground preparation. If the soil had not been previously dug-up, then add at least four inches of gravel or stone. If the soil was disturbed, then ensure that it had been compacted before the layer of gravel too gets compacted.

Get the right concrete mix
The concrete slab should be at least four-inches thick – or even thicker if heavier stuff are going to rest on it. The standards for the concrete mix is expressed in terms of ‘compressive strength’ which is essentially the amount of water in the mix. Adding more water makes it easier to pour the mix, but makes for weaker slabs. Adding plasticizers to the mix is the solution to retain the compressive strength of the mix while making it easier to pour.

Good reinforcement
Steel reinforcing mesh is used to add tensile strength to the slab. Make sure it rests in the middle of the slab and not sink to the bottom when the concrete is poured.

With these tips in mind, go and get a great concrete floor slab for your garage.

Tips To Clear Written Exams For Jobs In MNCs


Written exams are known to be toughest amongst all existing competitive exams. Most of the students prefer joining coaching centers for thorough preparation. This is evident from the several centers providing exam coaching in many places. These centers train the students to answer to many questions like ‘How to attend Interviews?’ and some questions like this in order to pass the in the final selection. Readers can also browse to get more inputs.

These written exams follow a specific pattern, and it is always advisable that the preparations are also directed in that particular manner, thereby easing out the process of being selected for a particular position. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for these written exams in order to qualify for the personal interviews.

Tips for written exam preparation

Prepare a schedule for yourself- it is always wise to prepare a pre-defined schedule, which guides you while you practice the papers. Such a schedule helps in channelizing one’s efforts in the right direction. Identify your weak areas after solving a couple of sample papers and then work on the development of that particular subject in addition to the others. Your schedule must be designed accordingly, and you should follow it without any deviation.

Plan well in advance- Never be late to prepare for the exams. It is always good if you start your preparations from the day one. One should begin preparing for the examination much in advance and should be acquainted with the question sets, syllabus, and mode of exam. An advance preparation always gives the time to understand the type of questions and makes one proficient by the time the exams are conducted.

Regular and thorough practice without fail- Regular practice definitely helps in boosting one’s confidence level and increasing the proficiency in solving the questions. The candidate can either go for self-study or join a coaching center. The trainers at coaching centers hold regular mock test and clear the doubts that the candidates may have while solving any problem. Workbooks and sample sets are also circulated by these coaching centers, which acts as an additional advantage. Such regular and rigorous practice works well for competitive exams.

Making one acquainted by appearing multiple mock tests- Even though one may not join the coaching center, the students often find it helpful when they get the hang of these competitive exams before they are conducted. This is made possible through the mock tests. Students may just appear the online mock tests by registering with an online coaching center. This ensures that the students are aware of the competition that they are about to face in the near future.

Time management- Answering the multiple questions within a stipulated time should be practiced. Based on the performance, the student has decided which part should be attempted first. One must not waste time on questions for which they are unsure of the solution. English, General Awareness, and computer consume less time and should be attempted first. The key is to spend an average 1 minute for each question.

Lastly, the students have to be very calm, patient and self-confident. Many online sources assisting the students on the mode of preparation for these exams are available. Referring to them can be a useful option. Coaching centers are also a respite for those who are in a full-time job and preparing for exams simultaneously.