Commonly Asked Questions About STDs

Infections that are usually spread during sex are called sexually transmitted diseases and is also known as STD. In the beginning, most STDs do not bring about any symptoms. So the risk of passing this disease is higher. Vaginal discharge, ulcers around or on the genitals, pelvic pain, etc. are some of the symptoms of STD. There are several Std clinic in Pittsburgh . Certain surveys conducted by sites like have shown an increase in people affected with STDs.

This article will answer most of the frequently asked questions about STDs by people all around the world.

· How will the person know if he/she is infected with STD?
Actually, some STDs like gonorrhea have no symptoms in men. But in women the symptoms are mild. Chlamydia is a type of STD which can only be diagnosed after testing. 75% of women and 50% of men who are infected with chlamydia usually have no symptoms.

· Do children below 18 years require their parents /guardians permission for getting tested or treated for STD?
No, children below 18 years needn’t seek permission of their parents/guardian for testing or getting treated for STD.

· Does the person have to come for a routine checkup each time he/she has unprotected sex?
Yes, it is best to get a test done. But it is not necessary you will get an accurate result as it may take a while for the infection to occur. In order to be certain, test for STD every six months even if no symptoms occur.

· Aren’t these tests only for people who are frequently changing partners?
The test for STDs is required for anyone who is sexually active. It is highly recommended to test for STD if you are a person who has sex with multiple partners or unprotected sex.

· Do these tests cost a lot?
The tests done for STD are usually affordable. It’s better to have health insurance before going for these tests.